I've loved food ever since I can remember. My mother was an educator and career woman so the only time I could get her full attention as a little girl was to help her in the kitchen preparing dinner

Hi! I'm Lori and it's nice to meet you.

"food is our common ground a universal experience"

When my family asked me to join their barter business I decided to give it a go and it was there that I learned sales and marketing and how to broker business deals.   

From there I was offered an opportunity to work with the city of Scottsdale on a revitalization project which led me to where I am now.

I started Food Truck Caravan on 5th Ave and Goldwater and it became wildly successful. We brought food trucks and entertainment to Scottsdale every Saturday night and it gave me the opportunity to create unique dining experiences. We took our guests to Morocco with textiles and tents and lanterns. It became the backdrop to engagements, bridal showers, anniversary and birthday celebrations, etc.

When people asked if I could create parties at their homes I jumped at the chance and that is how Super Edible Events evolved.

I am passionate about food and culinary story telling. 

My father was an entrepreneur and gifted story teller and I can remember our family gathering at the kitchen table listening to him tell us stories and making us laugh.

The truth is, every single event-happy or sad-was discussed at the kitchen table. Food was our anchor, our safe place.

Today, science is confirming what I have always know to be true. Food is love and love is food.

Food can connect us to our deepest emotions and fondest memories just like listening to a song on the radio or the scent of a fragrance can. 

It makes perfect sense that I became a culinary story teller.

But, it didn't actually fall into place that easily and I wound up taking the long route here.  

I started my career in the travel business quite serendipitously and wound up falling in love with seeing the world, tasting the food and meeting new friends along the way.

"people who love to eat are always the best people"

I train in a Filipino martial art called Kali

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